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We continually look for investment opportunities to provide capital and strategic support in recruitment businesses with high growth potential. Typically, recruitment companies go through 3 or 4 stages of growth and development as they mature. Between each phase there is a “stall” position. Knowing when and how to “get to the next level” is vital in decision making, planning and investment.

We are the only Recruitment Private Equity firm that has experience in making minority investments, and these can be structured in many different ways to ensure you remain leading your business whilst gaining the support and capital to secure future growth.

With Private Equity Investment on board, you automatically “put yourself on the map” to potential acquirers and Corporate Advisory firms.

What works for you?

You may:

  • Want to personally de-risk financially and capitalize on where the business has grown to so far.
  • Want to share the next journey with skilled investors who have done this journey many times before.
  • Need support and strength around the Boardroom to make sure decisions are made in the right way at the right time and give you the confidence to make bold business decisions.
  • Capitalise on a strong growth curve to maintain competitive advantage or develop and diversify your business into new product areas and revenue streams.


  • A flexible approach to partnership which allows entrepreneurs to realise some of the value they have built into their business, retain a significant (often majority) stake, secure the capital needed to accelerate growth and bring on board additional expertise and talent.
  • There is no formula. We will tailor the deal for you, matching our goals with yours. We have a long track record of providing creative financing solutions to meet the diverse needs of ambitious entrepreneurs.
  • Access to knowledge, experience and contacts. We can provide the partnership and investment you need to develop new products or services, enter new markets, invest in your people and infrastructure as needed, open up new premises or locations and introduce you to a strong network of relevant contacts and advisors to help increase your potential and capabilities.

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