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Selling your business raises some of the toughest issues any dedicated business owner can face. How do you realise the value you've put into your business and still ensure a stable, prosperous future for the business and your employees? And if it's a family business, determining how to handle future leadership, ownership, control and expansion can be even more complex.

Typical situations

Additional reasons for selling the business may include:

  • Funding retirement.
  • Resolving ownership issues among shareholders.
  • Enabling a new generation to take the business forward.
  • Raising capital for a new or related investment.

Selling does not have to mean walking away completely. You do have other options by selling a part of your stake and stay on to assist with an orderly transition to a new management team, winding down over time or focusing on a part of the business you have a passion for. Adopting this approach means that you benefit from the company’s growth, making your remaining shareholding even more valuable.


We will take the time to understand your business, your market, and your personal drivers for success - all of which can help prevent or reduce conflict when issues of control, heritage, and succession arise.

Your business will receive all the benefit of our sector knowledge, investment situation experience, contacts and wider business expertise, applied in a way that's right for your company and for the people involved.

This may include:

  • The introduction of a Chairman with relevant experience and senior-level recruitment to enhance the management team.
  • Commitment to invest as needed during the early years in your people and infrastructure to continue and develop a robust and scalable platform.
  • Insightful input into the development of a growth strategy that leads to an exit.
  • Ongoing active involvement to adjust the strategy to new markets and economic conditions.

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