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  • Does your business have the potential to outperform its market?
  • Are you Exit Ready?
  • Have you reached maximum value within the business?

Partnering with an external investor can be the catalyst you need to exploit current opportunity and to make sure you get the business in the best possible shape to be more attractive (and valuable) to potential acquirers.

RECRUITMENT CAPITAL PARTNERS provides value far beyond capital investment. For over 20 years we've been advising, investing in and supporting growing businesses, and have completed over 30 investments and acquisitions. We have helped a wide range of recruitment businesses grow through acquisition as well as organic development.

RECRUITMENT CAPITAL PARTNERS can provide capital and strategic support for:

  • Acquisition of one or more companies.
  • Organic growth in home markets, new products, services and territories.
  • Increased headcount and sales development as part of a long-term strategy.
  • Taking a business into a new market.
  • Preparing for Exit – are you ready?

Getting to the next level

We understand what it takes to grow a business - acquisition, organic development, or both - may change over time. Our investment teams have the in-depth sector experience and contacts to help you identify opportunities and overcome any challenges you face in enhancing the value of your business.


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